Tamar Braxton on the cover of Black Woman Style Report


Tamar and handsome baby Logan on the cover of Black Woman Style Magazine. Tamar is on fire right now. She just received three Grammy nominations. I am loving her Winter Wonderland CD.


Congratulations Tamar…. “She did that”

The Real Can friends date the same men?


The topic of the discussion on the talk show The Real was Can friends date the same men? My answer H*ll No!! I would be so uncomfortable being friends with someone that dated or is dating my ex especially if I have discussion things that have happened between the both of us with my friend. But Adrienne and Tamar both had different views about it. As Tamar says Adrienne was a little bit too much in her feelings with this one. lol Check out the video. What are your thoughts?

The Real Premiere Today

Today is the premiere of the talk show The Real. I am so upset it isn’t showing in Memphis yet. Based on the previews I have seen on YouTube I think it’s a great show and will have me laughing. I enjoy watching the other talk shows but I can relate to Tamar Jeannie Loni and Adrienne more because they are in my age range and I understand their point of view better. I love the diversity of the girls that’s what keeps the show so interesting.
Today the show premiered in New York Los Angeles Philadelphia Washington DC Tampa Houston and Phoenix. If The Real is showing in your city will you be watching?